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Iwona Sobczak – Certified Public Accountant, President of Alabri Sp. z o.o.

Iwona Sobczak is fluent in English and French. During recent years, she has worked with small and medium Polish and foreign Clients, as well as with big multinational corporations. She was Chief Accountant and Chief Financial Officer in companies with French capital. She has gained experience in auditing during her professional training in Finans-Servis and, among others, during her work for the international auditing company Moore Stephens Central Audit. Her experience, above all, includes projects for companies from the construction sector, energy industry, automotive industry, waste management, food industry, chemical industry, telecommunications, pharmacology, medical industry, IT and media. Iwona Sobczak is the founder of Alabri, and is responsible for the company’s standards and strategy.

Iwona Sobczak, Certified Public Accountant
e-mail: i.sobczak@alabri.pl

Agata Lutow, Tax Advisor

Agata Lutow is fluent in English and Portuguese. She has gained experience working for an international auditing company, first in the audit department, later in the tax consulting department. She did projects mainly for companies from the development sector, energy industry, food industry and transport. Her passion lies in deepening her knowledge of the nature and operating specifics of associations, foundations and all kind of non-profit organizations. Her know-how and experience in this area, one that is rarely covered by the professional publications, are unique on the national scale. Agata Lutow has a special ability to identify problems and their key solutions, and is responsible for the Consulting and Tax Advise Department.

Agata Lutow, doradca podatkowy
e-mail: a.lutow@alabri.pl

Marta Gajewska – proxy, manager of the Service Bookkeeping and Payroll department

Marta Gajewska has many years of experience working in accountancy, HR and payroll departments, both in companies that operate in the market and in accountancy agencies. The knowledge of standards and of the functioning of businesses, as well as the experience gained in serving corporate Clients with diverse needs and specifics make her an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who want to focus on development, and can entrust the bookkeeping, document management of payroll and HR, and the meeting of the requirements for reporting, set by the tax laws and other external provisions, to highly qualified, outsourced specialists.

Marta Gajewska, Proxy
e-mail: m.gajewska@alabri.pl


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